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Senior Living

The retirement home/assisted living sector is, as we know, a very competitive one.  My father resided in a retirement home for eight years until his passing last year.  That particular location many times was challenged to fill all it’s room even while more and more baby boomers and their parents need those facilities.

The challenge is in the marketing.  With so many options available, what separates one facility from the next?   Prospects, many times the elder person’s children or relatives are tasked with finding a decent place to relocate their loved ones.  And at times, folks are under the gun to complete this task as many situations are reactive, the result of some life changing event for that Senior, many times health related or caused by the passing of a spouse

As has always been the case, the first impression can make you or break you.  When folks go to your website, what do they see?  A few photo’s of the rooms and grounds, a few smiling faces that are strategically placed and a litany of accolades?  Perhaps a 2 dimensional old style video?

With an interactive 3-D model from Seattle 3D, prospects can sit in the comfort of their own home and take a complete tour of your location as if they were physically present.  It can get them excited about visiting your facility and further, make them just that much more familiar and comfortable when they do.  Like coming back home.  Which is the goal.  Isn’t it?