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Auto Dealerships

The auto industry is as competitive as it gets these days with folks jumping from one dealers internet site to the next looking to save a few bucks.  What most see when they enter a site are the stock manufacturer photo’s and sometimes a video, again, stock from the manufacturer, or maybe a nice glossy photo of the showroom or the lot with rows of bright new cars and trucks and maybe a couple photo’s of smiling happy customer with their vehicles.

What they don’t see is your story, your dealership, the showroom, the waiting area with wi-fi, refreshments, newspapers, and work areas.  They rarely if ever get even a glimpse of the Service area.  And once a customer selects your dealership, who are they most going to be interacting with, Service.  Why not take a road less traveled, spotlight your Service Department.  Dare to be different.

Interactive 3-D makes it possible for a potential customer to take a 2-3 minute tour of your dealership and see all you have to offer besides a few new vehicles and a couple happy customers.  Challenge customers to ignore you.

Interactive 3-D is fast becoming a staple at many dealerships across the globe.  Will you be an early adopter, or hang back then attempt to regain valuable market share at a later date?